Creating a website for your business

Creating a Website for Your Business

Hi, I am Gouri Patel working as a website designer for more than 4 years and love to design websites. I’ve created this step-by-step guide to teach beginners to How to develop a website? how to make your own website? and creating a website for your business.

This tutorial takes about 10 minutes to read but you can definitely know about creating a website for your business.


Let me explain all the important things step by step:

1. Why should you creating a website for your business?

In order to expand any business as soon as possible, it is very important to have a website with it in today’s time and more is needed in today’s Corona season. 

Today you will see that slowly online websites are taking the place of our offline shops and the number of customers in the store is decreasing. In order to inform your customer, it is important to have a website to increase the identity and sales of your product. Today it is necessary to have a website to run a small company or shop. To give your website a professional look and it is necessary to have a website to show your company in the best light.

In today’s time, if a person needs anything, he first goes to Google, that is, first of all, he looks through the Internet to find out what the product is available for. If you have products to sell, your site can open up new markets and expand your business cheaply and easily.

Today, it has become very cheap to build a beautiful and good design website or you can make it yourself, today there are many platforms using which you can create a good website.


2. Know the purpose of your Web

     Believe it or not, a successful businessman is the one who tells everyone about his business and his product so that his business can grow very quickly. A good website provides information about your company and the product to sell. If you want to sell goods online or bring the customer offline or you want to sell the product through both mediums, you should first take it to the public. Whether you want to create an e-commerce website or a simple website, you have to decide

3. Decide your Shop Name & Domain Name

      The name of any shop should be unique so that the customer remembers it immediately, it provides a very big role in your sales, so you should find a different unique name for your business which the customer can remember once you hear it and when he needs that product, and the name of your shop should be in his mouth.


4. How to choose a domain name


  • Use Appropriate Domain Name Extension: There are many extension for your website like .com, .biz, .org, .net, .au, .blog, .tech, .website, .live, .ca, .host, .press but about 70% website uses .com extension.  If you want to target the international customer then select .com, .net, if you want to target the local customer, then according to your country, .us, .au, .in. its help you to reach your customer very fastly.
  • Use exact matching keywords: Try to choose an exact matching keyword domain. If you want to make a business website, your domain name should match your company. For example
  • Take unique and brand-able Short and Sweet and easy to pronounce.

  • Don’t use any numbers and hyphens

  • Check the name on social media Available or not? – social media helps us to rank faster if a name has already taken on social media then go for another name. go to to find availability.
  • Domain name suggestion tools – You should check the availability of your website domain name as most domain names are not available, here you will also get suggestions to choose different names.

Today best domain already taken by others and searching for a domain with your name is very time-consuming. So use domain name suggestion tools, its help you to find related domain very easily. Use lean domain search or instant-domain name generator.

5. Buy Domain Name

Your domain name gives a special identity to the online market, you will share this name in your customer and social site, this is the identity of your website, and then you will have to choose a unique and small domain name. There are many domain registrar services where you can get a domain name very easily. Some of the best domain providers are:


6. Buy Hosting

Your separate step is to buy hosting. Hosting is a cloud base computer, in which your website runs, a lot of companies offer you hosting in the market today, but you have to buy according to your usage. Today SSD hosting is more popular among all. In SSD hosting website speed is very high than the Hard disk hosting.

Shared Hosting: for low traffic and cheapest price. It is useful for beginner and smaller websites. Website traffic limits up to 20k.  Bluehost

VPS Hosting: better than shared hosting and easy to work without any technical knowledge. best for the small and medium websites. It has high uptime rates and faster loading speeds. in motion

Cloud Hosting: it is an advanced version of VPS hosting. It has multiple remote servers with different responsibilities. If one server fails then the other server takes charge of the responsibilities. If you want to grow rapidly then it’s for you. It provides high security among all hosting and suitable for the traffic of more than 50k. site ground.

WordPress Hosting: it is only useful for WordPress hosting, if you work on only WordPress then it’s for you. It is optimized for WordPress and one-click installation for WordPress and provides more security.


Here you should pay special attention that the server location from where you are buying the hosting should be in the same country or around it otherwise there may be another reason for the decrease in the speed of your website.

If you have a domain and hosting, you have to link both.

A logo is a graphical symbol or symbol that becomes the special identity of your company and brand; it represents your company and service, it is very important to creating a website for your business to have a logo for a successful business.

If you do not have a logo, you can make a logo or make it yourself, like using canva, you can also create it on your own, and you can use mobile applications like Pixel Lab, PicsArt.


8. Choose a Platform for making a website

Now you have to decide on which platform to run your website, there are many platforms but Word press is ​​the most popular today, Word press is the best CMS-based web user-friendly application that gives you a lot of ease in any kind of editing.

After installing Word press in your hosting you have to create a login id and password.

9. Secure Website

To make the website secure, you have to put an SSL certificate on your website, it makes your site secure from external attacks and payment systems.

10. Choose Your Theme

There are many different types of theme free and paid version available on word press library according to our use.  

Astra, OceanWp, Neve, GeneratePress are free, very light and faster themes.


11. Install plugin

There are many plugins in its library and these are helping us to work easily with word press. Woo Commerce plugin is necessary for our business website.

By use of Elementor, WP-bakery plugins you can easily design your page because these are works drag and drop and has many templates.

Yoast SEO or Rank math is SEO plugins and useful for Ranking your website.

12. Design Your Page

After this, you can create the necessary page for creating a website for your business. It is very important for any website to have the following web page

Home: This is the main page of your website; if anyone comes to your website then it lands on the home page,

Shop: This is the page of your store; all your products are shown on this page without category or category.

Blog: Blog page is important for any website. Blog helps to promote your business. Write blog with good and new relevant content.

About: This page provides complete information about your website and you. It is very important for a good website to have an about page and on this page, you should give all the information about you and your business.

Contact: Whenever a customer wants to contact you, he can contact you by visiting this page, here your business location contact no. and email form.

Privacy Policy & Terms & Condition: Any business company has some important policy and there is a separate policy for all the business which is between you and your customer.

13. Test Your Site

test your site

 Once everything is ready, you should test your website before publishing the website, take care of whether the website is responsive or not, and should take care of whether the cross-browser support it or not.

14.  Share on the social platform

Social media is the best way to increase your traffic and more traffic means more sales means more money. There are many social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, Youtube, and many more. Create an account on them on the name of your website and do post regularly when you post on the website.

15.  SEO your site


It is very important on creating a website for your business to do SEO for your site, without proper SEO you can not bring traffic to your site, and without traffic, you cannot earn much more. There is many more factor of SEO. Click here for SEO.

16. Google My Business

It is a free tool for businesses and organizations to well manage their online availability on Google, including Search and Maps. It helps your customers to find your business across Google. Register here and verify your shop and website and increase your traffic.

17. Conclusion

Congratulations! You have learned how to create a website for your business and If you have any trouble making a website then I make it for you at a very low price. contact me here

If you have any doubt about how to develop a website or how to make your own website, then feel free to comment.

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