How To Find The Publisher Of A Website USA 2021

How to find the publisher of a website in USA 2021 – Best Methods

Hi, I am Gouri Patel working as a website designer for more than 4 years and love to design websites. I’ve created this step-by-step guide to teach beginners to How to find the publisher of a website? If you are new to blogging then it is very difficult to find the publisher of a website, But it is very easy to find the publisher of a website.

This tutorial takes about 10 minutes to read, but you can definitely know the publisher of the website.

There are many ways or methods to find the publisher name easily but the best are here. Let’s start with how to easily find the publisher name of the website. There are many pages on the website which show the publisher of a website

7 Best Methods to find the answer to ‘How to find the publisher of a website?’

  • About Page
  • Contact Page
  • By Social Media link
  • WHOIS Information
  • By Legal Page
  • By Article
  • WordPress Source Code

By using the about us page

The about us page is an important page on a website and every website has a unique about us page on the footer and main menu, where you can learn about all data about the user or his company available.

You can find this on the main menu, for example, there is an About menu available. simply go and you can find the details about my information. in this way you can find  the answer to ‘How to find the publisher of a website?’

you can also get this page on the footer of the website.

By using the Contact page

The contact page of a website is a webpage where you can contact the website owner. Here some time additional information’s are also available – address, email-id, contact no.

Here a contact form is also available where you can ask about the publisher.

By using social media

Each and Every website has social media linkup at the footer and contact page with the website name and many websites have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, the Instagram account where you can also track the publisher. On Facebook go to the about tab for finding publisher name.


By using WHOIS information

It is the best method and by using WHOIS information you can get the identity of technical and billing information for the domain name.

Open your browser and type WHOIS or click on this link, you can redirect to this site and simply type the URL of the website and enter

you can get results about the publisher of a website

What do you do if Whois is set as private?

some website user hides their personal information from the public by Privacy Filter, then you can contact their registrar for information about the publisher by paying some penny amount.

By Legal Page

A good website has some legal pages like Privacy-Policy, Disclaimers, Terms, and conditions, where you easily find the owner of a website.

By an Article

Every post has the publisher name  at the top and bottom of articles and this is the best method to find the answer of ‘how to find the publisher name of a website?’

WordPress Source Code

If the website is built with WordPress then you can easily get information (username) by doing some simple tricks but not work on some websites.

  • first, open your Browser 
  • type the website name on the address bar
  • then enter  “/?author=1” 
  • type enter 

for example


Congratulations! You have learned how to find the publisher of a website and If you have any trouble comment or  contact me here

If you are looking for a website designer then contact me, I will create a beautiful website for your business.

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